About Us

Wizroom Hospitality-An Ideal Hotel and Home stay With A Family Experience. From the very first day, we were open to services and making constant changes. It has accepted the universal truth that change is a ubiquitous phenomenon. Guests and their families have received utmost priorities with all comforts and conveniences. To feel at home, it is always wise to stay at home. It has proved to be a major drift with the old concept that travelling demands its victim’s money, time and energy. Wizroom is an inspiring travel destination in the Northeast.


Mission Statement- We are committed to excellent and elegant customer services in their journey to the Northeast. Vision- We are the leading service provider in adventurous travelling through the hearts of the Northeast. Values- All the core values like Care, Consistency, Integrity and Satisfaction are continuously emphasized upon.

Hotel statistics

5 Hotels
10 Rooms
50 Members
10 Restaurants